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City Master Whole House Water Treatment System

Simple, low-cost non-backwashing whole house filter system to remove chlorine, chloramines and chemicals from municipal water.

Most tank-style filters rely on an automatic control head to backwash the filter media in the tank. For certain limited applications, however, simple "In/Out" tank-style water filters without a power control head work great. Tank-style non-backwashing filters are inexpensive, easy to set up, and easy to maintain. This is what you have in our City Master System

The City Master uses no electricity and needs no drain connection. Since there’s nothing to wear out, they’re virtually trouble free. They use top of the line NSF filter media – coconut shell carbon.

The City Master System removes chlorine or chloramines from municipal water, it is a non-backwashing In/Out filter that does an exceptional job. Unless the inlet water is very clean and free of rust and other sediment, we recommend that a cartridge-style sediment filter be installed in front of the filter tank.

The City Master Systems are simple, efficient devices. They cost considerably less than their backwashing counterparts and require less maintenance. They save water ? no backwashing ? and they do not require electricity. There’s no power head to need maintenance or programming.

With City Master Systems, water simply enters the tank, passes through the media bed, and flows out. There is no cleaning process. City Master Systems are manufactured so that the water being treated flows upward through the tank, entering at the bottom and exiting at the top. This reversed flow lifts the bed, keeps it fresh, and minimizes channeling. A special straining basket at the top of the tank prevents media loss.

The City Master Systems are equipped with Clack In/Out heads and elbow adapters as standard equipment. (The estimated re-bed interval is every 5-7 years or so, depending on usage and chlorine/chloramines content of your water.)

Our City Master Systems give you more media per tank size than backwashing filters. Backwashing units need a considerable space at the top of the tank to allow for bed expansion during backwashing. Our City Master Systems are filled almost to the top with filter medium, since no backwash space is required. This increases both the lifespan and the effectiveness of the filter.

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